«The search for the Higgs is physicists’ idea of 21st-century sex. While other sciences limit themselves, the  contemporary erotic physics experience involves S&M, mystery, supernatural events, country–size financial budgets, large group events, cafeteria food, brilliant ideas penned on dirty napkins afterwards forgotten, dark matter lords and their antimatter mistresses, and possibly murder, if the hunt for the particle pray should be unsuccessful and if the aesthetically ugly (hence quite possibly wrong) Standard Model should prove to be a collective hoax. A woman named SUSY is often mentioned in this context. Outsiders assume her to be a dominatrix, but the experts know her as a shape shifter. In one moment she is a Roman mama, who makes ingenious lasagna, in the next moment she is Willibald Higgs herself, girdled, booted and helmeted, ready to be lowered down into the dangerous caves hollowed out below Switzerland, tunneling through to another universe with just as much trash in it as ours.»  -ms

[#18 of 100 Days in Summer][Photo: Peter Higgs gazing into the existential abyss.][#60/1000]

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