This blog used to be called “One Thousand Shipwrecked Penguins”. It was a project for penguins, begun in December 2010 and scheduled to be finished after 1000 weekly flash posts (or about 20 years) when it was going to be auctioned for 1,000,000,000 $. It started with a collaborative idea whereby people would submit their photos and I’d match my micro fiction to the photo. However, the project proved unfeasible and began to bore me. Hence, since 2012, after letting go of Kaffe in Katmandu, I’m only posting occasionally here and over at my free-style Tumblr, B(o)lloggs.

The Blog was called “Plattenbau” (German word for a building constructed of large, prefab concrete slabs) for a while.

With the publication of my collection of short fiction, Thank You For Your Sperm" (TYFYS), I will use it to feature excerpts from the book, which you can order via MadHat Press or via —One section of the book contains stories that first appeared on this site. Photo: book cover art by Carlye Birkenkrahe

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